When a customer has successfully made payment, an email will be sent to the customer to confirm that the order has been received. Our system will also update the customers on the status whether it is on-hold, being processed, or completed once it has shipped.

Each seller need to manage the different status of their orders. This is good practice to keep your customers updated on what’s happening with their orders. To learn how to manage your orders and keep your customers happy with your service, refer to the guidelines below.

Step 1: From your Vendor Dashboard, go to Orders. Click on the Order number (indicated as #230 in screenshot below) to bring up the full info of the order.

Step 2: Change the status of the order according to your progress in fulfilling the order. Click on “Order status” to see the options available and pick the relevant status. As a guide, if you are preparing the order but have yet to ship, indicate your progress by marking the order as “Processing.”

Step 3: Once you have arranged for shipping, update the status again and provide the tracking code to your customers. It is a must to provide tracking code (unless you are selling a virtual/downloadable product/service). Scroll further down the page until you see “Shipment Tracking” and click on “Mark Shipped.” Another window will open, fill in the necessary fields to provide the tracking code.

Step 4: Finally, you can mark this order as completed in the status box. Remember to click on the Update button before you exit the page. Your customers will receive an email sent by the system to inform them that the order has completed, along with the tracking code you have provided.

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